Practicing calligraphy


I have always had a love for beautifully handwritten things.  I always choose handwritten over typed when I can.  I love the mixing of script and block, all done by a pen.  I love when letters have dramatic flourishes.  I love receive wedding invitations in the mail, with a calligraphy-ed address.  It has been a dream to start taking lessons and have the materials and information to start doing these things myself!  I would love to be able to use these skills in some way outside of being a nurse 🙂  but I have to practice!


Practicing my name and capital letters in Copperplate!

I love this so much, I can’t even begin to say.  I write the names of the states over and over – have to be able to address envelopes somehow!  I write the names of the SEC schools, and their colors and mascots.  I write my friends’ names, I write my family’s names, I write the alphabet.  I write, I write, I write.  Practice practice practice.

There is another calligraphy class coming up that I hope to attend.  I hope it works out that I get to take it.  Maybe once my work schedule gets rolling I’ll get the opportunity to take lessons!