Butterscotch pie, y’all.


One of my favorite sweets in the universe is butterscotch pie.  I’ve only ever had it at a diner 5 hours away from where I live.  Because I hardly ever make it to said diner, I felt it was necessary for me to make my own version.

Today, that vision became a reality.


(My husband has a handsome hand.)

It really is a dream come true, y’all.  Recipe soon.



Chocolate chip cookies


Yesterday, my husband and I invited my dad over to join us for dinner.  We decided to grill burgers, one of the easiest and most delicious at-home dinners one can have.  But I chose to go the extra mile and also make homemade French fries and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Nevermind that I had just baked and quasi-destroyed a chocolate cake on Sunday for Mother’s Day!  Yesterday was a new day.  A new day that needed its own dinner…and dessert.

This was quite the undertaking.  Unless you’re really super good at both of these things, maybe don’t do them on the same day.  If you do, don’t do them on a day when you have a weird, unexplained backache.  If you do that, don’t do them on a day when you are pressed for time.

But don’t worry, I did all of those things!

First, the cookies.  (We’ll save the fries for another day!)  I used this recipe, shamelessly borrowed from one of my favorite blogs, the College Prepster.  Carly’s mom perfected this recipe, and I must say, it truly is perfect.  The cookies manage to be soft and crumbly.  The sweetness of the batter is perfect with the bitterness of the semi-sweet chocolate.  These cookies are fabulous.  I love to share things I bake, so I shared these with my dad and husband last night, and they’ll probably end up at our Bible study group tomorrow night.  What good is doing things with your hands if you don’t share them?


Here’s all the ingredients all lined up.  Aren’t they so cute?  And there’s my recipe journal, too.  I only use the internet to follow recipes when I’m trying something new.  If it works out, it goes in the journal.  Here’s where you can get it from amazon.


Round two of the ingredients being all mixed up.  One egg at a time!


Ta-da!  Cookie dough.  I ate too much of this step 😦


And ta-da again!  Cookies!  I intentionally made these smaller than instructed, because I have a weird love of tiny things.  I knew they would be bite-size for Taylor and my dad, too.  Doing it this way took a long time, though!  It also made the cookies a little crunchier than if you make them as directed!

I hope you enjoy these!  I hope the people you share them with enjoy them, too!